Re-Trial of Louis Riel - Part 1 - Learn360

Re-Trial of Louis Riel - Part 1

Grade(s): 6-8
Run Time: [41:00]
This two-part program allows the extraordinary opportunity to re-visit a very tumultuous time in Canada's history with one of our most controversial figures in a trial re-enactment prepared and presented by four prominent litigators. In the first part, the case is argued by Edward Greenspan for the defence and Alan Lenczner for the prosecution, and is presented before former B.C. Supreme Court judge, Thomas Berger. Guy Bertrand, a lawyer from Quebec plays Riel. The trial follows normal proceedings with both lawyers presenting their arguments, cross-examining "Riel" and giving their closing arguments, and the judge giving his summation of the case. The verdict, as voted by Canadians via the Internet following the original broadcast, is announced and discussed in the second part of the program. In the second part, an audience of Metis of all ages and backgrounds, including descendents of Riel, meet in an open forum to discuss the life and legacy of Riel.
©2002, CBC.

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