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Eliza Parker: Fighting for Freedom (African Canadian)
Series: Mother Tongue

Grade(s): 9-12
Run Time: [22:14]
16-year-old Toni Parker tells the story of her great-great grandmother Eliza Parker. After escaping slavery in Maryland, Eliza settled in the free state of Christiana, Pennsylvania where she met her husband William. On September 11th, 1851, the young couple was harbouring two runaway slaves when a slave-owner, accompanied by an armed posse, came to claim the men back. Eliza and her husband refused, and called for help from members of their self-defense organization. After fighting off the attack, Eliza and William made their way to Canada and set up home in the Free Black community, The Elgin Settlement, which today, is today located in North Buxton, Ontario, the town where Toni Parker and other descendants still live.
©2006, Susan Poizner.

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